L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon

The hustle and bustle in the kitchen of l’Atelier de Joël Robuchon, awarded two Michelin stars by the Singapore Michelin Guide
We were seated in a very nice, quiet corner at the bar, where you can see the all the action in the kitchen. It was very interesting to watch how organized everything is, and how everyone is so busy cooking and preparing the meals. The room was mostly painted in black, with red highlights. The lighting reminded me so much of stage lighting, but instead of the stage, you have the kitchen and your food on spotlight. It’s as if you are about to watch a very interesting performance.

Table setting at the bar

I also find that the lighting was just the perfect amount of dim. It’s good for people like me who are very particular about it. Harsh lighting gives me pain in the eyes, especially at night. The table setting was minimalistic and there was the perfect overhead lighting right on top of the table to allow foodies like myself to take good pictures of the dishes, and post on social media.

My entrée — Pan-seared scallop, kumquat condiments and young leeks with caviar

We totally enjoyed the refreshing seafood. The Pic Saint Loup 2008 bottle of red wine went perfectly well with all the dishes, even the seafood.

We both took the same Main Course — Free range quail and foie gras served with their famous mashed potatoes and fresh herbs

If there is quail in the main course, I would most definitely go for it. In France, it was always at the top of my grocery shopping list because it’s always cheap and so easy to cook.

Whatever main dish you order, they will give you a side dish of mashed potatoes, which is apparently what Joël Robuchon is famous for. I’m not crazy about mashed potatoes but it was one of the best I’ve tried so far.

Cheese platter
Passion fruit with rum granite and light coconut foam

Hubby and I shared the huge cheese platter, which was even a lot for two people. We each had a dessert of the same kind. It was refreshing but not really my favorite.

It’s too bad we are leaving Singapore in a few weeks, if not, I would absolutely want to try the restaurant next time.
Thanks for reading, and have a lovely mid-week! 🙂

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