Champagne Brunch Buffet at La Brasserie

Hubby and I took the Sunday Brunch Buffet with free-flow of Veuve Clicquot champagne. The buffet offered quite a huge variety of food, and especially lots of fresh seafood. Freeflow of champagne and seafood — my two favorites! I was in absolute heaven!

Bread, charcuterie, cheese and foie gras… and a morsel of fish?.. all looking so photogenic on my plate!

Of course, you can find other things in the buffet, not only seafood. There were cheese, bread, charcuterie, foie gras, jams, etc. For mains, there were pork knuckle, steak and lamb, I think. They all looked so fresh and delicious! There were also a huge variety of sauces and condiments of every kind, which was something I have never seen anywhere before.

Tiny bits and morsels of french desserts

By the time it came to having dessert, I was already quite full… and a bit drunk from all the champagne!.. which explains all the instagram stories flooding (sorry about that!). I just took a tiny sampling of macarons, madeleines, small tarts and a muffin. They were all very good!

My daughter having fun at the staff-assisted playroom

One of the many things we loved about La Brasserie, aside from the all the other things I have already mentioned was the impeccable service! It was outstanding, especially for Singapore. Also, they have this playroom for the kids where the staff takes care of your kids while you enjoy your lunch! It was perfect!

Life begins… cheers to that! 🙂

Despite the huge ceiling and the clear view of the bay from the glass windows, La Brasserie maanages to still feel warm and cozy. Perhaps it’s also because of the warm and friendly service of the staff. We were conveniently seated just a few tables away from the kids’ playroom, which was at the opposite end of the entrance. There were only two or three tables in the area of the room we were seated (it was quite full in the other areas close to the entrance) at the time we were there. I totally loved it! I think hubby really knows all my preferences by now. I had a wonderful time on my birthday!

La Brasserie was very intimate and surprisingly quiet… although, people started to get a bit louder and happier from drinking all the champagne… but that only means it’s time to go home to nurse the hangover. 😀

As a parting note, I would just like to say to all the friends (known and unknown) who constantly drop by my blog to read about my inane and mundane posts, thank you very much for taking a few minutes of your precious time and dedicating them to me. I appreciate it very much. No sarcasm here. 😉

Cheers and have a good mid-week! 🙂


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