Romantic Lunch Date at Rhubarb Le Restaurant

Rhubarb Vanilla Ice Cream at Rhubarb, Le Restaurant
There is nothing more pleasantly distracting than a surprise romantic lunch at a Michelin-starred French restaurant on a busy Monday. Hubby chose a cozy restaurant called, Rhubarb, Le Restaurant. We figured the owner must’ve been really obsessed with this plant, which a decade ago would’ve been something very unfamiliar to me. I now know for one that Rhubarb Pie is one of my husband’s favorites. And I quite like it too, for its tangy and citrusy flavor. We tried the restaurant’s Rhubarb Vanilla Ice Cream at the end of a three-course lunch menu, and found it deliciously refreshing, especially with the popping sugar bits.

We were seated on this table, close to the open kitchen
Amuse Bouche of Prawns, if I remember correctly
For l’entrée, hubby and I both had this slice of Japanese Mackerel with a sprinkling of fresh garden finds. It was also the first time I have tried gooseberries (those things that look like green grapes), which I found bitingly acidic. 
For the main dish, we also both had Duck Breast
For dessert, we shared Rhubarb Vanilla Ice cream and some Caramelized Pineapple
The service is quite good for Singapore (not an easy thing to find even in really good restaurants here), and the place has a calm, relaxed and not too formal ambience. They have very few tables (seven in all), which I like coz it means you get more attention and quality service. 
The chef was nice enough to thank us and to escort us to the door on our way out. Although he seemed to be a bit shy, and did not ask us about the food. Speaking of the food, I enjoyed so much the amuse bouche of miniature wafer cones stuck into a box of black sesame seeds. It was a good way of starting the lunch. The champagne that I had with the entrée was very nice and pleasant in the throat, and was a lovely rose color. The mackerel entrance looked very appetizing and the taste did not disappoint. I also find that it is a perfect size/portion for a three-course meal. As for the main dish of Duck Breast, it was not my favorite. And I find that they sliced it too thick, which might have caused it to be a little bit tough to chew in some parts. Although, it was pleasantly refreshing with the fennel and quinoa, nonetheless. The red wine that I paired it with did not really have a lot of character, although it was the peppery type, which I like. Sorry, I forgot the name of the wine but it starts with the letter D, Durvas or something. It’s one of those wines that are versatile, goes with almost any type of food. Maybe it’s what they call a “table wine”, but I have to verify this. It even went well with the rhubarb ice cream and the caramelized pineapple that we had for dessert.

In conclusion, I would definitely agree with the Michelin Guide for giving this restaurant a star.

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