Mothers’ Month 2017

Last Mother’s Day — hubby treated me to a lovely lunch at a nice restaurant.

While I am thankful that a lot of the hassles of taking care of a small baby have gone away with the passing of time, I could never really be whole-heartedly grateful to dear old time, as I realize that the more my daughter grows the less she will be needing me. I know this is too early to start worrying about when she will become a teenager and will be wanting to leave her parents’ care… but this is the stuff that mothers do. And I can’t help it. I’m deep into it now. Especially since I have been a mother for already half a decade now!

But worrying aside, I am very happy to see how she has grown… what mother wouldn’t?! She is very beautiful. She loves to dance a lot, and she sings all the time. She is always cheerful but she is also quick-tempered like her mother… and very makulit like her father.

Here are some of my favorite snaps taken during the past year that make me appreciate being a mom every time I look at them…

She likes to copy the stuff that I do. Here doing some yoga pose during our summer holiday last year in France.
She loves to travel like her parents

We enrolled her in swimming classes so she can be less scared of the water.

Singing with Papa at a restaurant in Shangri-La, Boracay during my birthday.

I’m glad she’s learned to appreciate the sandy beaches now.

Christmas Holiday with visiting cousins from the Philippines.
Papa’s birthday staycation at Raffles Hotel

She loves picking flowers and putting them in her hair.

Snapchat baby… I always find random pictures like this whenever she gets a hold of my phone.

The Makulit Duo at the train station in Kyoto, Japan 

Tired from all the walking, Hanami at Meguro River, Tokyo
Dressed as a clown at her circus themed school presentation

I do miss her chubbier cheeks when she was a baby. Each year, I have to let go of that small baby I once knew as I see her gaining more and more height and looking more and more like a big girl, like she wants to be described now. She will always correct us when we refer to her as a “petite fille” (little girl). She prefers to be called a “grande fille” (a big girl) now.

Time is fleeting. And soon enough, there will only be nothing but memories left of these precious, precious times. So my advice to all the moms with little girls who now want to be called big girls is to take lots of pictures and videos of all the small and big experiences you have with them each day. And it doesn’t hurt also to learn to take good ones, and to invest in a good camera. 😉

Bonne fĂȘte des mĂšres! Bisous!


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