Art at Curate, Resorts World Sentosa

Hubby and I decided to celebrate our Wedding Anniversary a bit earlier than usual this year. He told me about this restaurant at Resorts World Sentosa called, Curate. I immediately checked it out and found it interesting.

food for thought 🙂

They regularly invite Michelin-starred chefs from all over the world for a sampling of their artistic cuisine. This particular weekend, we went for a lunch menu prepared by two-Michelin starred chef, Guy Martin of France. He is quite famous as he has a TV show called, Epicerie fine on TV5Monde (the French cable TV network) that we regularly watch on weekends.

Huge poster of Chef Guy Martin right at the restaurant entrance
His awards

There was a free valet parking service when we arrived at RSW basement car park. Then we were escorted to the restaurant. From outside, you wouldn’t think that the restaurant would look super nice and modern inside. I totally loved the muted colors, the interesting lighting fixtures, design accents and how bright it is inside. I also loved the restroom, with liquid soap from ESPA (one of the best spa experiences I’ve had in Singapore where I went for a full body massage once). Everything looked nice and clean and elegant.

Elegant lighting fixtures
The restroom
Yellow flower table centerpiece

Once seated, we immediately had a look at the menu. I was of course, very much interested with the foie gras as one of the starters. I loved the simple table setting and the nice yellow flower on the center of the table. And since we came early, we got a nice corner table where we can also see the kitchen.

The lunch menu
That’s Chef Guy Martin in the middle of the two guys in apron
Photo-ops to pass the time
Seriously reading the menu

We took some pictures and waited patiently for our food because we arrived 30 minutes earlier than the booked appointment. Despite our early arrival, we were immediately seated and served. I really appreciate the attentive, warm and friendly service.

First starter – Foie gras with some tomato and watermelon juice
Starters went well with this Chardonnay from New Zealand
Seabass with olives and nori, razor clams on the side
Veal with tomato sauce and zucchini
Les mignardises with some tea

Among the plates that were served, my favorite was the foie gras, which is a bit predictable for me. I always love foie gras. I didn’t find the seabass with olives extraordinary, but it was very good, and I really liked the couteaux on the side. The veal for main dish, was very tender and the tomato sauce with zucchini tasted a bit like ratatouille. It was all very light and very fresh.

Goodie bags
Inside is a box containing this Chocolate Nougat de Montelimar

After the meal, we chatted a bit with Guy Martin before leaving. He sounded and seemed like a very nice guy. I think most famous French chefs are like this.

Just as we were going out the door, the restaurant staff handed us a couple of goodie bags. Inside was a box of chocolate nougat from Montelimar (a place in France that is famous for nougat). I had a bite of it last night and it was unexpectedly light and heavenly.

It was a wonderful experience having a meal prepared by a world-renowned chef on a very special occasion of our fifth wedding anniversary.

Cheers everyone and thanks for reading!


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