Monday Mood: The Sunny Sunflowers

We chanced upon some sunflowers growing in the wild on the road side. My mother-in-law made a bouquet with a bunch of other wild flowers. It’s so pretty.

We have just arrived in France this weekend. On the road from Toulouse to my in-laws’ place, we were greeted by the smiliest, sunniest blooms of rows and never-ending rows of sunflowers. Scroll down for your viewing pleasure…

Driving by endless sunflower fields on the road side
This is definitely how it feels like to be on summer holiday
Feels like Tuscany all over again
Clouds and sunflowers — some of my favorite things

I just couldn’t help but feel cheerful despite having a nasty migraine and jetlag all the while during the drive. I have never seen so many sunflower fields in France before. It made me feel a bit as if we were back on our Tuscany road trip from two years ago.

I posted some pics of the sunflower fields on instagram and one of my friends asked me if I could bring some back home. I never thought about it before, but I just might be able to do it by drying some. Fortunately, there are a lot of helpful instructions on the internet and just yesterday, on our way to a farm, we found some growing wild on the road side.

picking some wild flowers on the road side
hubby made a bouquet for me
I ran across the road towards a sunflower field with a view of an old church in the background

Now I have three sunflowers hanging upside down in our bedroom. Let’s wait and see if they dry up nicely. I will have them framed and walled up when we return to Singapore.

Thanks for reading and have a great flowerful week ahead! 🙂


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