Festive Lemon Pound Cake

For my daughter’s birthday this year, I decided to make a lemon cake. I’m very partial to lemon. I just love its clean, sweet smell and tangy acid taste. In French, they would call any sweet stuff with a citrusy flavor, acidulé. I really like this term. It makes the flavor sound even nicer and tempting to taste.

My very simple, but very delicious Lemon Pound Cake

I found this very simple, fuss-free recipe on the internet that I just watched a few hours before the party itself. How very convenient it is nowadays to learn anything at the tip of your fingers and at the convenience of your own home. The internet is really good for this.

Doing a recap on the internet tutorial for the Lemon Cake, just to be sure I followed the exact measurements (this is very important in baking) and exact batter consistency
I decided to make my own personal touch with these candy sprinkles to make the cake look more festive and tempting enough to eat for the kids and kids at heart! And of course, I spilled it all over the place. 😀
Et voila!.. all gone (almost!) in a few minutes after the candles were lit and blown.

There was a tiny morsel left over the next day. I had it for breakfast and it was even more delicious than when it was just off the oven. It was perfectly moist and not very sweet at all. And it was such a hit with tea or coffee. It was a lovely and simple cake. So easy to make yet unbelievably delicious. 🙂


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