Weekend in Maldives

My family and I decided to go on a trip to The Maldives for the long weekend holiday. Here are some of the highlights of our trip:

The gorgeous view of the islands from up above:

The Maldives look like a beautiful abstract painting from above — couldn’t wait to land on one of those lovely blue dots at the first sight of them! 🙂

About to land in Male
My last view of Maldives on the way back to SG

One of the most perfect beaches I have ever seen:

I’ve never seen pink reflections on water before, with the most varied shades of blue
Tropical garden
Is this a crane? I thought at first it wasn’t real because it was not moving so much.
Enjoying the beach with my little cutie pie

Lots of fun activities at the resort’s Kids Club:

Painting, video games, books, play area at the kids club

Some of the most gorgeous sunsets and surises ever:

The view from the bar
Moonlit cocktail
Beautiful, unfiltered, unphotoshopped early morning light

And my most favorite part: enjoying the view of the baby sharks wading along the shallow waters first thing in the morning (I edited the video to make it a bit slow-mo because it was actually swimming very fast):

Although, we chose to go to a resort, Holiday Inn, Kandooma Island (read my reviews here) that offers a lot of activities for the kids, hubby and I also managed to have some time to ourselves. The Kids Club at the resort was a convenient place to care for kids. And my daughter was just so happy to play and paint and run around with the other kids there, which was good for us.

I for one, tried the yoga, which was surprisingly good and not that difficult for a first-timer like myself. And hubby and I did some snorkeling to see the turtles. We also did some fishing with the little one the day before we left.

The only disappointing part about the trip was that the corals were not as colorful as the ones in Palawan. maybe if you go diving or go to the other parts of Maldives, the corals wouldn’t be as bleached as the ones in the South Atoll. Also, be prepared to spend lots of $$$ for this trip because this is The Maldives!

Hope you enjoyed reading my little travel update. Cheers and have a good week! 🙂


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