Updates and Random Stuff

My very first attempt at Watercolor painting

Went on a session of Live Nude Drawing. Each pose has to be sketched for either 3 or 5 minutes. There was no lecture. It was just a drawing session. I was a bit disappointed but I now have great respect for nude models who work during winter.

If the words, “live nude drawings” did not get your attention, not sure what else will… 😀

Tried to do some vlogging in a reality TV-like manner, but I did not manage to convince myself to continue. How can anybody of sound mind and a semblance of self-awareness, be able to stand talking in front of the camera like it’s his/her best friend, and watch videos of oneself over and over again during the edits without becoming overly self-critical to the point of exhaustion and ridicule?! How?!

Making more effort to NOT be annoying on social media like my former less-than-forty-year-old self who did not know better, i.e., posting less “yabang” stuff that incites “jealousy”, trying to be less passive-aggressive, keep reminding myself that loathing other people is a reflection of one’s own self-loathing (hashtag stopthehate).

That’s all for now. Cheerios and have a good Friyay the Thirteenth!

P. S.
Happy birthday to my dear, loving aunt, who is shining down on her loved ones from the infinite skies.

Peace out!


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