Fête des Mères (Mothers Month) 2018

Our favorite strawberry varieties available in the fields were the Gariguette and Flair
Sunday, we went to a Strawberry farm where you can pick strawberries to your heart’s content at a place called, Cueillete Lavernose. It was a very nice family activity on a weekend, perfect for a sunny spring weather. I was pleasantly surprised that they are even open on a Sunday.
When life gives you strawberries… make Strawberry Mojito Mocktails! 😀
I will make a video of this in my Youtube channel.

 I had a good mind to make some Strawberry Mojito Mocktails from all the fresh strawberries that we picked since we also have some mint handy, growing wild in the garden. It’s funny how I would always discover some new plant or flowers in our backyard every week. This is really the first time I am fully experiencing spring, living in the suburbs for the first time.

Hubby’s pasta with asparagus, eggs and magret de canard

At dinner time, hubby cooked some pasta with the asparagus that we bought in the same farm where we got the strawberries. I was happy about how fresh and tasty the asparagus were and that it went well with the cheap rosé wine that I hand-picked at the supermarket.

Happy with the random rosé wine (less than 5 euros) that I hand-picked at the supermarket.
I’m not ashamed to admit, I was very partial to the pretty packaging.

For mother’s month, I gifted myself with some skincare products from a brand that I trust. I am really above all, a skincare person rather than a make-up person. I have levelled up my skincare routine ever since I have turned forty.

Kiehl’s skincare products for Mother’s Day gift

 Needless to say, the flowers were not part of the Kiehl’s package. They were surprise gift from my daughter and hubby, my favorite flowers and my favorite colors. 💕

I am going to make a watercolor painting out of this… so beautiful colors!

Bonne fête des mères! Happy Mother’s month! Thanks for reading and have a good week ahead. 💖


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