Strawberry and Pink Theme Birthday

This year, for my daughter’s birthday, I decided to exert a little extra effort for her party. We never really hosted a real children’s birthday party before because hubby and I are both lazy when it comes to organizing events. But I was thinking that our daughter is now at an age when she will really appreciate having a birthday party with her friends.

I have shared some useful links at the bottom of this post to make my site more useful to parents planning to hold a birthday party for their kids.

Strawberry and everything pink theme

I made some pink lemonade, sponge cake and some fruit and marshmallow kebabs

I was very glad to have had the help of my friend who was visiting from France. She helped me with the decorations.

The day started really early for me, preparing the cake and the lemonade and the fruit kebabs. I didn’t realize how much time and effort it takes to do all these preparations. It took me half the day to set up everything, even with the sponge cake being baked the night before. I’m so glad I had the instinct to do that.

My very simple Sponge Cake with whipped cream frosting
To entertain the kids, I made them blow bubbles and left them to run around at the playground. Some of the kids went swimming in our little kiddie pool even though it was a little bit rainy and cold for a swim. I also covered the tables with white paper so they can draw all over them with crayons and put stickers on them. Kids are crazy about stickers. I always carry around a few sheets of them when I travel with my little girl. It keeps her entertained.
I also made my very own pull-string strawberry piñata out of some thick pink, red and green craft paper. This really took a lot of effort. I don’t think I’m ever doing it again. I will just buy the ready made one next time. It was a bit rainy outside and so I had to hang it inside the function room. Still, it was quite a success with the kids.
Kids enjoying the goodies out of my DIY pull-string strawberry piñata
Fun times with friends
Enjoying her presents
Throwing this special party for my daughter reminded me so much of the times my aunt would throw big birthday parties for myself and my siblings when we were kids. It made me appreciate my aunt even more. 
Birthday parties are such special times for kids, especially during this time in their lives when they really appreciate all the love and attention that you show them. Plus, it’s also a good time (and excuse) to get to be a kid all over again.

Useful links and sources:

Balloons and party supplies from Dreams and Confetti 
Baking supplies from Bake King
Marshmallows and candies from Muji
Party favors from Spotlight and Daiso
Craft papers from Artfriend
My daughter’s cute birthday clothes from Cotton On Kids
And here’s a link to my Pinterest Board, where I posted other stuff that you might just find useful.
P. S.
I had to adjust the sugar measurements for the Sponge Cake because I found it a little too sweet. Same with the Pink Lemonade. The marshmallows from the Japanese shop, Muji are heart-shaped, not very sweet at all, and on sale! And for the piñata, I made the strawberry design myself. 😉

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