Monthly Painting Meet-Up

Online watercolor painting session with my friends on our monthly meet-up

My artist friends and I have this monthly meet-up to paint in watercolor, our common passion.

Our theme was “Fish”

As you may all well know, it’s almost been a month since France has declared a country-wide lockdown.

It didn’t stop us from meeting during the month of April, though. And so we all just decided to meet online via video chat.

My quick sketches and doodles

My artist friends are awesome.

They make living in lockdown a hundred times move liveable .

TGFF! đź’•

By all means, do give yourselves the pleasure of visiting their instagram pages to view their amazing art works: baybayinart and mhai_little_arts.


2 thoughts on “Monthly Painting Meet-Up

  1. Ok, so I have tried multiple times to do watercolor pero hindi ako natuwa. Kasi tumatak sa akin yung limang pisong watercolor na nabibili sa palengke na mukhang make up kit.
    Na enjoy ko oil pastel, pero baka naman di ko lang nabigyan ng chance ang water color.


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