The Best of the Year 2014

a well-cherished trip to Ubud, Bali with family and visiting friends from France

last summer’s trip to France (here at Le Cantou, a lovely restaurant with a huge orchard right next to the airport)
having a smiley, giggly moment inside the Flower Dome at Gardens by the Bay with my cutie pie who cannot keep still for even a second
the view below from where we were seated at Salt Grill and Sky Bar during my surprise birthday dinner date with hubby
a colorful platter of tropical fruits at the breakfast buffet of Kad Kafé at the Shangri-La Hotel in Chiang Mai, where my family spent the holidays
refreshing spa at Fah Lanna in Chiang Mai
a blue margarita at some café close to our hotel during our last evening in Chiang Mai

these were some of my many favorite images taken by my iPhone throughout the past year. i have always had a fixation on images. most people do, i think. at least for the sentimental lot. and for those who cherish memories. these images help aid the memory of things and tiny bits of rare moments when we considered everything perfect… and all that perfection captured in a tiny rectangular frame encoded in bits of zeros and ones, which nowadays even seem to have more meaning when gathering likes on Facebook or Instagram.

a very simple New Year’s Eve Dinner with family and friends
traditional round fruits to bring prosperity and good tidings for this new year… and some home-made spritz for auld lang syne and to commemorate the best road trip of the year in Tuscany
a lovely view of Marina Bay’s skyline from our balcony where we watched New Year’s fireworks

2014 was one of the best years i’ve had in my life. i have had a lot of good experiences in travels, enjoyed being with loved ones and managed to get back to work again after three years!

it has also, hopefully made me wiser and better as a person in terms of experiences and wisdom. and speaking of wiser and better, i think this year, i will be doing a lot less of facebook and social media. i personally think it corrupts and corrodes the mind, the body and the soul and puts weight on social relationships. i’m not saying it’s a bad thing. but i stick to the old adage that too much of anything is not a good thing at all.

i hope we all have a wonderful 2015 — good health, good life, good relationships and good vibes! 😉


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