Back on the Piano

Since I came back from my US West Coast and Ontario, Canada holidays, I’ve kept myself busy looking for jobs. And while waiting, I’ve been catching up on my youtube channel for painting demos, and art supplies haul that I got from my trips. Do check out my youtube channel (, if you have the time. I usually post every Friday, and sometimes, I like to work against the algorithm and punctuate my watercolor videos with videos about my travels and even some of my piano practice.

Talking about piano practice, and practicing any art form, what do you enjoy most about it? For me, I enjoy it most when I am just discovering and learning something new about the art. Like, for instance, in piano playing, I enjoy it the most when I am just discovering how to play the notes. Everything sounds so fresh and so new to me, it thrills me. But after several practice sessions, and when I managed to finally play the song to the end, even not perfectly yet, I feel a bit of sadness. It’s like I have lost that freshness and feeling of discovery and newness. But then, I don’t really feel sad for that long, because each time you play a song, you get to discover something new about it sometimes. Like maybe, you can tweak the notes or the chords, and then it sounds better that way. And the rediscovery and thrill goes on… šŸ˜€

Cheers, and have a good weekend!

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