Happy Mother’s Day

I have always wanted to paint Dandelions.

And today, being Mother’s Day (in some parts of the globe, not in France) just seemed like the perfect occasion (or excuse) to paint them.

I saw this tutorial on Youtube the other day, and I was just so excited to try it out.

It seemed quite challenging with all the materials needed (salt, scratching utensil, cotton buds, spray bottle) but simple enough to use just four colors — a couple of blues and a couple of yellows.

With watercolor, you have to have a lot of patience. But since I don’t have a lot of it, I use a hairdryer. 😀

I had so much fun doing this painting. This was my very first attempt. I think I will try doing it again. I’m not quite satisfied with how the trees and the forest in the background looked. They should be darker.

With painting, it is never really about the outcome. It’s more about the process. And how much you enjoy doing it… just as it is with almost everything else in life, as with being a mother.

Happy Mother’s Day! 💓


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