Two weeks of lockdown

Disclaimer: This post is not guaranteed to make any sense. Just like what’s happening in the world nowadays.

It’s been two weeks since the lockdown on the entire country has been announced. The European Union has closed its borders to all other countries, and individual countries have closed their borders on countries with CovId-19 cases.

Attempting to be zen today — listening to an audiobook by Neil deGrasse Tyson and putting on this relaxing steam eye mask I bought from Watson’s in HongKong last December.
I miss traveling!

Honestly, I thought at first that I would be living my introverted self’s dream because of this lockdown. For me it meant more work from home, no more kissing the people in the office every day for greeting, and social distancing of at least one meter from the next person all the time! Wow! My wildest dream ever, coming into reality.

It’s spring but I couldn’t really fully enjoy it because of this pandemic-induced house arrest

But then, the schools were also closed, which meant my hyperactive daughter will be staying at home. People cannot really go out of the house anymore, so we lost our house cleaner. And then, my husband also started working from home. So, it’s not really all that quiet around the house anymore. Add to that the extra chore of my daughter’s school work. And she was going crazy not having to get to play with other kids.

At least we have good weather to enjoy on weekends

In short, everybody was going crazy. I know, I should not be the one to complain. I mean, I am still lucky my family is healthy, and my husband and I can still work from home. France is more organized than most other countries and is really doing well coping with this catastrophe.

My work-from-home desk set-up. I work in I.T., don’t let those paintings and paintbrushes fool you. 🙂

Anyway, I only meant to write a paragraph about the ordeal we are all facing these days. I wanted to really write about what I am doing to cope with all this craziness.

Helping my daughter with her English homework

To help me relax, I try to listen to relaxing podcasts and audiobooks. I am very particular about the voice of the narrator. I’m a big fan of The New Yorker Fiction Podcast short stories. Also, I stumbled upon this audio book by Neil deGrasse Tyson (see picture at the beginning). He has a very soothing voice. And although, I could not really understand everything that he is explaining, it still makes me feel smart listening to him talk about smart things. 😀

Practicing to draw a friend’s portrait, which I might just paint later

It’s also a good time to learn a new skill, get a new hobby, do some yoga or get back into reading. Also, never stop learning and never stop improving.

I miss traveling, above all else. And I’m trying to keep positive and trying to be patient with so much annoying stupid stuff that we all have to suffer all over social media for lack of better things to do — stupid people doing stupid stuff, stupid politicians, stupid tik tok videos… the list goes on. But I try not to explode. So, here we are today. Back to blogging.

The first Sage blossom in our garden… so difficult to take a picture of anything red, though.

I hope I made more sense than most of the junk circulating around the net today. If not, please be patient with me. We’ll all get through this. And here’s a bunch of tulips to remind us that spring, and all the other seasons, and all other things living and breathing, or not, will go on in this planet, with or without us. Not a very comforting thought, but, it is what it is.

Tulips to save the day

Thanks for dropping by. Keep zen and keep smiling!


2 thoughts on “Two weeks of lockdown

  1. Of course it makes sense, everyone feels the same way.
    I love this because I csn still see the Rosario i knew from highschool- yung part aboit kissing! Lol. I love it!!!

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