First Time Long Drive (Revisiting Lourdes)

Goth Revival Spires atop the Basilica of Our Lady of Lourdes
Crossing the gorgeous Gave de Pau River
Golden crown and cross, shining shimmering splendid on a hot summer afternoon

Before going, and agreeing to embark on this long-drive (buwis-buhay) adventure with my motivated friends, I have of course, checked the map and the most convenient area to park without the exorbitant fees.

It was not a difficult drive, in fact, as the road that leads there from Toulouse is quite straightforward. The only challenge for me was driving at 130 kph and overtaking too many huge lorries, which at times would get scary on meandering roads.

Enjoying myself a senseless selfie 🙂
Posing with a fellow Adamsonian beside St Vincent de Paul’s statue
The Underground Chapel was refreshingly cool (literally and figuratively)
Some fancy art works along the walls of the underground chapel

Lourdes was definitely worth revisiting, despite the tiring long drive. Also, having lunch at the Filipino restaurant, which has very good ratings on TripAdvisor, is always a plus!

Thanks for dropping by and have a good day! 🙂

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