Weekend Staycation at Capella Resort, Sentosa

Waking up to this magnificent view of tropical paradise in our Premier Sea View room… just gorgeous!
The bathroom which looks out into the sea… so relaxing to have a nice bubble bath here.
Read on to see more pics and a bit of review…

From the outside, Capella reminded me so much of Raffles Hotel — the clean, simple lines, and stark white colonial facade of the building amid the lush greenery. Behind the main building, which houses the reception, library and museum, is a contrastingly modern one where the guest rooms, restaurants and a bar are located. Farther down the hill, going down to the beach, you find quite a good number of villas with their own private pool. All of these spread out on 30 acres of land that is so densely covered with foliage, you’d think you were in a forest park. 
The library that serves tea, cookies and other refreshments
Quiet nook
The stairs from the reception that lead to the library
The blogger pose 😉
While having our morning swim, we were greeted by birds that looked like Toucans with white beaks. We asked the staff about them, they didn’t know the name of the birds. According to Google, they’re called Oriental Pied Hornbills. They were all over the trees around the pool. I appreciate the fact that the resort does not give them food to attract them. They just leave them alone to hunt their own food. They also have a peacock that visits the resort from time to time. While we were there, we didn’t see it, but we heard it somewhere afar.
Pool-side snack, which was also my lunch because I forgot to have some.
Some free finger food during apéro at Bob’s Bar. There were also some nuts. The spicy cachew nuts were really good.
I didn’t like this Champagne based cocktail so much. It was too sweet for me. I like my drinks dry.
There’s really no point in this photo except to show my sexy back. 😀
We had an apéro at the bar called, Bob’s Bar before having dinner at their restaurant, The Knolls. Hubby had a whisky sour and I had some girlie drink with champagne + other sweet stuff which I didn’t really like and gave me a bit of headache. It was quite relaxing sitting on this big lounge chair with the view of the sea and the sunset while listening to live jazz music.
Starters — Foie Gras for me and Veal Escalope for hubby
Cod (?) for main dish. We were not so hungry, we just shared this one.
Pistachio Cake and Strawberry sorbet for dessert
Food at The Knolls was surprisingly bland, even the foie gras. The dessert was so-so. The service was not very good. The staff were nice and friendly, but forgetful and took some time to serve us. Champagne bottle was a bit overpriced for what it was. It’s the same one that they serve in Singapore Airlines Business Class. But I think alcohol is always expensive everywhere in Singapore anyway.
Breakfast was served in the privacy of our bedroom. We totally loved our bedroom, we only wanted to leave it when going for a swim.
I so, so wanted to bring this home!
I almost forgot to mention what I thought about the room. It was beautiful! The view was breath-takingly beautiful. It was one of the most gorgeous hotel rooms I have ever seen. The bed was super comfy and super king size. The room comes with an electric water boiler, a coffee machine with some free coffee capsules, some tea, fresh fruits, orange juice, soda and bottled water in the fridge. All of these included in what you paid. There was no mini-bar, I think. The bath tub and the shower has a full unobstructed view of the greeneries and the sea, as well. The dressing area is huge. The lighting controls, the window blinds control and the surround sound system have a touch-screen console right next to the bed. There was a TV but we never used it. We totally enjoyed the superb sound system, though.
The toiletries are all from Aesop. This is a brand I discovered during my first trip to Australia. I did not really like it very much that time. At the hotel, I liked the body cream and shower gel. I couldn’t say the same for the shampoo and conditioner, though. They also give free Aesop sunblock at the pool-side. Oh, and some free-flow of Acqua Panna bottled water.
The resort also had some activities like whisky tasting, historical tour, painting, yoga, etc but we were too lazy to join since we only had two days. We lazed around the pool instead and had my own private spa inside the bedroom. I definitely wished I could stay longer.
Thanks for reading and have a good weekend! 🙂

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