Unicorn Theme Birthday Cake

Although I promised myself I would never again organize a big birthday for my daughter, I just couldn’t help but do it again this year. This time around, I tried to keep the size of the party a little bit smaller than last year. I also tried to do less stuff so I wouldn’t stress myself too much. But what I always fuss about the most is the birthday cake. I just think that it’s very central to the celebration. It’s what the celebrant and the kids attending the birthday party really look forward to. I wanted to make a special cake for my daughter for her birthday but I just became really busy this year to do it all from scratch. It was a very lucky coincidence that I stumbled upon this cake decorating workshop where I can take home the cake, and that the workshop fell on the day right before my daughter’s birthday party.

Believe it or not, the workshop took five hours (half the day) to finish. Prior to attending, I was wondering why it was that long, but during the workshop I immediately realized, it’s not really enough time to do everything, actually. I had fun decorating this cake, although it was a lot of pressure to make it look really beautiful and not mess it up because I’d be using it the day after for my daughter’s party.

A lot of people are saying I should be an events organizer, or pursue cake making, or venture into something that has to do with events and parties and food. But the truth is, I could only do things like this once or twice a year, and only for the people I really care about. I couldn’t possibly do this for strangers. But I do have fun doing decorations, planning things, baking, and seeing them all come together beautifully and witnessing people enjoy the beautiful and delicious things that I’ve prepared.
DIY Confetti Balloons that I chanced upon buying souvenirs at Loft in Shibuya, Tokyo
I bought the balloon sticks at Spotlight here in Singapore
A couple of huge jars of my home-made lemonade, which I also did last year.
I borrowed the jars from my sister. She and her husband bought them for use at their wedding last year.
My Little Pony is one of my daughter’s favorite cartoon shows. I thought it went well with the rainbow theme
and the unicorn cake
Kids taking a quiet break from running around the playground

I covered the black cardboard that was used in the workshop with pink and white candy sprinkles
to make it look nicer. For those who are wondering, the cake decorating workshop is from Bakefresh.
I most certainly, highly recommend them for this cake decorating experience.

I’ve actually organized some games but the kids just went crazy running around in the playground and dipping into our swimming pools. It was such a nice, sunny day, perfect day for the pool. I should have planned more water activities, but prior to the day of the party, it’s been raining like crazy. So, I just tried to relax and let the kids do as they pleased and did not bother them for the games anymore. I think everybody had a good time anyway.

Kiddie parties are such fun but they are a lot a work. This time around, I was able to enjoy it with the cake decorating workshop that I attended the day before. The cake was not only delicious, it was also such an interesting conversation piece. Everybody said it looked so professional, hubby was so proud of me, and it was a big hit among the kids. 🙂

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