Saint Vincent de Paul

one of the fondest memories of my university life was taking the mass every Sunday at Saint Vincent de Paul’s chapel.

i was already not a religious person at the time, but i have always enjoyed good singing. the SVP chapel had a really good choir. and i really liked Saint Vincent de Paul’s birthday because it means school holiday. 🙂

last time i was in France, i took the chance to finally visit his ville-natale.

A small church at the center o the small ville

huge tree
Saint Vincent de Paul’s house
funny message in the guestbook saying “Let me win 1000 euros in the casino” LOL.
inside SVP’s house
lighting a candle for loved ones inside the chapel

most of the fond memories in the university was also spent goofing around with my girl friends. going back to the Philippines for a few short days last month has given me one special night to spend with them at the karaoke. it was really great fun, especially with our kids.

it’s been 20 years since i first met these pretty ladies!
lovely serenade by Maju and Kuya Keats

 i can’t believe i’ve been friends with these girls for 20 years now! where did the time go? but seeing all the small happy faces of the little versions of ourselves is a comforting proof that all the time that went away were completely well-spent. 😉

have a good weekend, everyone! 🙂

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