Sight-seeing Sydney

highlights of my short trip to Sydney, Australia

the magnificent rocky beach views along the coastal walk from Bondi Beach to Coogee Beach:

Bondi Beach waves
some art work along the coastal walk
you can see the boardwalk that passes by a cemetery right next to the sea… reminds me so much of Edgar Allan Poe’s Annabel Lee

reliving my tree-climbing childhood days at Hyde Park… and speaking of trees, would anybody know what this purple tree is called:

gorgeous and fragrant purple tree inside the Botanic Gardens

these magnificent captures of the Opera House:

the view of the leafy greens framing the Opera House and Harbour Bridge
it really doesn’t have any bad angle

the weekend market and night fair at The Rocks in Old Sydney, where our hotel is located:

market stalls selling food, crafts, clothes, jewelries

watching Thor at the world’s biggest IMAX Cinema:

we wanted to watch Gravity but only Thor was showing at the time

seeing the sleepy koalas and the Neverland crocodile:

siesta time — i tried my very best not to bother them while taking this shot
same goes for this guy

et voila, c’est tout pour Sydney. have a lovely week, people! 🙂

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