Hong Kong and Macau Revisited Part 3

walking towards the Peak Tram from our hotel, we passed by this church which looked so out of place amongst the towering buildings.

last time i took the Peak Tram, it took more than an hour to queue. and here i thought i would never submit myself to this torture again. but i was mistaken.

because the experience is worth it. and i would never get tired of this view.

last time i went for this view, it was in the evening. it’s less dramatic during the day, i guess. but also, less crowded.

view of the ancient tram heading towards The Peak.

we headed to Causeway Bay for lunch and shopping afterwards.


i was a bit disappointed though. the items in the area are not really so much to my liking.

 we decided to take a bit of walk heading towards the direction of our hotel and passed by this market. i find it quite weird to have a market like this  open at noon.

since it was our last evening, we tried to make the most of our HK trip by club-hopping and eating out at Lan Kwai Fong.

the famous Fringe Club with a rooftop bar was under renovation. so we settled for a beer in this bar called Hong Kong Brew House which offered free peanuts and had San Miguel Beer under the Boring Beer category in its menu.

for dinner, we found this French-American restaurant somewhere along Hollywood Road. i had some seafood pasta and it was quite good. but a bit expensive.

back to Lan Kwai Fong for some mojito.

mood and mojito

we would’ve visited more bars or clubs but the peanuts from the first bar was taking its toll halfway through my first and last mojito, so we had to reluctantly go back to the hotel for an early night. i knew from the start beer + peanuts do not really mix well.

oh well… that concludes our HK trip. more travels next time.

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