Delicious Graham Cake

for our Farewell Party last weekend, i decided to make a Graham Cake. in the Philippines, we usually refer to this as Crema de Fruta. i prefer to call it Graham Cake.

i have checked several web sites and videos on the internet and took a little bit of something on some of them to make my very own recipe.

what is challenging here in France, when trying to cook something, is finding out first the french name of the ingredients that you need.

full cream

i wouldn’t have known before that lait concentré sucré is what we know in the English-speaking world as condensed milk. now i do…

condensed milk in a tiny pack

and that you wouldn’t find them in the milk and dairy section of the grocery. they go with the confiserie section, together with all the other baking ingredients that you need. they sometimes come in a tube or a small pack like this one in the above pic, not just in the usual can.

draining the fruit cocktail of its syrup

for the fruit cocktail and gelatine, it’s quite easy. the Graham crackers, i got from a friend who was recently in London. they apparently have a wider selection of Filipino foodstuff there. although, you can use other types of cracker. here in France, you have Speculoos (the Greek biscuits). you can use it if you want. but i don’t like it so much because it has cinnamon.

gelatine strips

for the first time in my very-recent cooking life, i’ll be using this electric hand mixer that was given to me by my mother-in-law. it’s really nice. you can even use it with batteries.

electric hand mixer given to me by my mother-in-law

i was a bit afraid at first that i bought the wrong cream. it should be the full cream type. the one that gets thick with whipping.

mixing the full cream

but i was right. it thickened in just a few minutes.

all whipped up

et voila! 🙂

as for the procedures: you just need to mix the condensed milk with the whipped cream according to the sweetness that you prefer. and then, layer all the ingredients in the following order: graham crackers, cream+condensed milk, fruit cocktail. do this twice. and then set aside in the fridge while you prepare the gelatine.

Graham Cake first layer

don’t forget to drain the fruits of the syrup. as a personal touch, i kept the syrup and used it for the gelatine mixture. but first, you have to immerse the gelatine strips (i used three of them) in ice-cold water for 10 minutes. and then you heat up the cocktail syrup and put the softened gelatine strips in them. let cool, and then pour onto your graham cake.

my very own Graham Cake! 🙂

i let my graham cake in the fridge overnight before serving it. i find that it is more solid and nicer this way.

enjoy! 🙂

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