Un Weekend Aveyronnais

one of the many, many things that i will definitely miss in France is the marché. there is nothing quite like it. as you already know, France is all about food. and all the territories have their own specialties.

this weekend, there is the Marché Aveyronnais at the Place du Capitole. we took the opportunity to go this morning since it was quite a mild winter weather we are having today.

my husband, as you know is of Aveyron origin. for those who do not know where it is, it is still in the south of France and still in the region of Midi-Pyrénées (like Toulouse) but it is a few notches higher up in the map.

image from: http://www.gite-les-pissades.fr/rieupeyroux-aveyron.html

it is a region famous for roquefort cheese (that smelly moldy blue cheese), laguiole knife (we received them as wedding gift from my parents-in-law), and the world’s tallest viaduct (Millau viaduct).

we were greeted with this huge sign of a stall selling farçous upon entering the vicinity

farçous is made with eggs, and some leafy veggies that look like spinach, which they call blette in french. my mother-in-law made them last christmas (see here) and they tasted a lot, lot better than these ones.


aside from farçous, you have all the different kinds of humongous bread. can you imagine the size of the oven where they were cooked?

i always say you can bludgeon somebody to death with these huge thick-crusted bread… and i know somebody whose gums bled after eating them. i’m used to them by now, though.

you can pair them with some confiture (jam) like these:

cherries and honey jam — i just had to buy one of these because the Lola selling them was so nice. and they tasted so good.

of course, it’s not a real Aveyron market without the presence of Gateaux à la brôche.

gateaux à la brôche

and i was able to see how they were made for the first time.
how to cook gateau à la brôche

we also bought something to drink.

different kinds and flavors of alcoholic beverages

hubby and his Aveyronnais friend even made me choose the wine to buy. we chose something from Marcillac. that place we visited last year when my baby was just a couple of months’ old.

other stuff you will find in the market, aside from food:

some nice rustic-looking pottery

these pottery items reminded me of a present my husband’s Lola in Millau gave me the first time i visited France. unfortunately, it was broken in transit when we moved from Singapore to France.

and lots of grandmother stuff like these ancient-looking tapestries.

you see a lot of stuff for sale that mostly old people will like. Aveyron has quite an aged population, like most of France’s countryside. fortunately, my husband is not among this elder majority. 🙂

a brass band of Lolos. Aveyron, i think has one of the most number of senior population in all of France.

we bought quite a lot of good stuff for lunch. and to complete the weekend aveyronnais, we even had a guest from there — my husband’s childhood friend. he bought us a huge slice of cheese which is from the terroir of Roquefort. and also, a gateau aux noix (cake with nuts).

top left to bottom: fricandeau (paté), gateau aux noix (cake with nuts), saucisse de canard (duck saucisse), some cheese

it was quite a good meal. heavy, but really good.

the gateau aux noix was a bit dry but still delicious.

the wine that i chose was quite poivré (had some taste of pepper). i seem to like this kind of wine. it might be too strong for some. but it kinda reminds me of the wines from Chile that i used to like a lot when i was still in Singapore.

i find it quite fun that they made an acrosstics of their wine label. 🙂

and of course, my duck saucisse! the only ones available in the market were a bit too dry, though.

duck saucisse

bon weekend à tous! 🙂

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