Top Chef

it’s the season for Top Chef again. and so also starts the highest high of all drama on French reality TV.

the host and chef judges of the show

everybody knows that France is best known for having the best food in the world. when you say best, first of all, it means the food is fresh, well-grown, and healthy. then, it should also be beautifully presented. lastly, and of course, most importantly, it should taste great.

but to be able to really comprehend the french standard for the “best” food, you have to actually live for a while in France to absorb the culture and the ways of the people here.  and if you have lived here long enough, you will understand that the best food is a product of art, science, mathematics, sweat and blood, and all that drama… and you get to see all of this if you watch Top Chef.

you would actually think that being a woman, and coming from a country with all the sappiest, cheesiest, corniest soap opera in the world, i would be able to completely relate when i watch this TV show with my husband. but to be honest, i have never really been the cheesy type. and on the contrary, the overabundance of maudlin entertainment in the Philippines is one of the reasons that drove me out of the country.

plenty of times in the show, they go on and on about a particular dish as if it’s some type of hallucinogenic drug. that’s when it gets a bit too much for me. and it doesn’t really help that i have never tried any sort of hallucinogenic drug before. the closest would be the anesthesia that i got when i had my c-section. and that was not really a pleasant, albeit, awe-inspiring experience at all.

Papaye-chocolat-orange en trompe l’oeil de carottes rapées (this dish is called a trompe l’oeil, which means to fool the eye. it may seem like grated carrots to you, but it’s really grated papaya with chocolate and orange inside.

i must admit though, i get awe-struck despite myself, when i see how much dedication, enthusiasm, hard work and all the effort in the world they muster to be able to achieve perfection in each dish. ça c’est vraiment impressionant. and it definitely makes all the unnecessary drama a lot more bearable and even forgivable.

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