Homemade Holiday Treats

last year i tried my hand at making pastillas de leche to give away to friends as a Christmas treat.

my very own, homemade yema balls in paper cups, stacked neatly in a bright yellow plastic glass

it was easy to make and you don’t need so many ingredients.  wrapping up the stuff was tiresome though.

it helps to have a measuring spoon to have some uniformity with the size of the balls

this year, i tried to make some yema balls instead. courtesy of this recipe.

nuts and dried fruits

 i’ve decided to include some personal touch and minor revisions on the recipe. so i added a variety of other nuts, not just peanuts in the mixture.

sprinkling over a bit more ground nuts for aesthetics

it proved to be a tiresome and tedious task yet again.

i ran out of paper cups so i had to improvise some plastic wrappers out of the mini-gift bags that i bought in Daiso (a Japanese store in Singapore) as wrappers.

but since i love giving away Filipino treats to my friends during the holiday season, i decided to make that once-in-a-year effort, which, i would venture to say, was well-appreciated.  🙂

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